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About Us

Building a dream home only requires a great architect, but to maintain it like a dream, requires a great team of housekeeping staff. It takes a lot of patience and skill to train the staff to maintain a property for a long time. This is where we step in – Le Chateau is a pioneer in reinventing hospitality training services for luxury households.

Cherish your homes with a touch of class, a place you can return to relax. Experience heaven in the homes managed by Le Chateau.

About the Founder

Le Chateau was founded by Shriya Dalvi. She is a hospitality professional, who has been trained in 'The Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development', Delhi for two years, during which she was exposed to working at the group’s various luxury properties. After which she was posted as ‘House Keeping Executive’ at The Oberoi, Bangalore where she worked for 4 years . She translated the expertise of working in a five star property and passion for training into the creation of 'Le chateau' . She aims to recreate the same professional environment in setting up standards of service in running luxurious living spaces for the crème de la crème of the society. Her eye for detail, dedication, focus and commitment enables her to ensure that they exceed their clients’ expectations.

One would definitely want their guests also to experience a superior quality of service , their compliments of a well maintained house will also have our clients elated and this is what we, at Le Chateau aim for.

Note from the Founder: "A happy and relaxed family, longing to get back home after a hard day’s work to a well organised private residence in terms of staffing, communications, rules of the house and efficient management would be “THE” expectant result of my enterprise."

Our Vision

"Admiration, satisfaction, perfection, an amicable and personal touch, hospitality personified and everything else that will make your palace, a Home. - A Midas touch without the greed"

At Le Chateau, We want to be able to provide professional and intelligent housekeeping for luxury residences all over India, so we can ensure our client’s Abode looks new for a longer period of time. We train the staff to an extent where they can provide seamless services without intruding the owner’s privacy and also to give the client a feeling of being at a resort as per services, but actually at their very own home.

Our company's vision is to be able to "Provide clean, safe, sanitized, healthy living environments, with an absolutely professional approach ".

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to bridge the gap between Luxury and Lifestyle services for a very niche clientele of High-Net-Worth Individuals. Professional attention, prompt service and strict quality controls have helped the company build a strong customer base of well-heeled private clients.

To conduct our business in a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically optimum manner, this enables us to cater to more clients across the nation. Meeting and exceeding client expectations for the services rendered by us and to continue to pioneer in providing world class housekeeping services at our clients’ residences.

In short, we at Le Chateau believe in taking luxury at home to a whole new level with our bespoke services.

Bespoke Services

Le chateau provides a range of exclusive bespoke services for their high society clientèle. Our hospitality concept revolves around the principle of an utterly personalised and exclusive service which focuses on satisfying the individual needs and tastes of every client. Our highly efficient and well-trained team make sure that even the slightest detail resonates the exceptionally high standards set by us in the hospitality industry.

Why Us

Building a one-of-a-kind luxury home does not end with the passion of a world class architect; instead it’s the way the property is maintained after being built that makes it one of a kind. Both the client and their architect put in great efforts to carefully accumulate artefacts for their home, but maintaining these valuable items are vital. With unskilled labour, the priceless décor, art and artefacts would get damaged, depriving them of their elegance.

However once the client moves in the housekeeping team as well as other vendors who take on the cleaning services are not well equipped to handle the high end luxury homes. Within a few weeks , the priceless décor and artefacts start to lose their charm due to bad maintenance.

To avoid marring the beauty of your priceless décor, we train and advise your staff on their care and preservation, complete with customized manuals, and thereby increase their value. We help in setting up processes considering backups, requirements at work and also increase accountability of the staff working there. We can be your representative and eliminate the stress of having to deal with various vendors while setting up your home.

Le Chateau backs itself with an extremely professional and hardworking team. All of our team members are hand-picked from premier educational institutes and are specially trained under Mrs Shriya for a period of 3 to 5 months, to ensure they deliver their best at the client site. Anyhow, every project is taken up with utmost care and responsibility personally by her.

The personal touch, sincerity, hospitality and attention to every little aspect pushes our standards higher than any other housekeeping facility. We have had some distinctive clientele who have highly appreciated our dedication and passion towards maintaining their homes. Every positive feedback from them has left us elated, more confident and more passionate on getting better day by day.


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